3D Delineation

We have the latest technology in 3D scanning. This equipment is capable of making a 3D reading of the space, photographing and storing information from the points collected, allowing greater accessibility to the project. This becomes extremely useful since the world demands more and more speed, efficiency, and quality in the projects and in the execution of the constructions.

Companies in the oil and gas and mechanical construction sectors face daily problems of structural failure in the certification tests of their products. These problems are often solved by improvisation, i.e. the product is modified through trial and error. This kind of approach to the problem usually results in increased production costs and difficulties in meeting deadlines.

Techocean has engineers and designers working with the main and current tools and technologies to perform engineering studies, making use of several softwares for optimization, standardization and execution of mechanical technical projects.

Once the project is outlined with the 3D Scanner, we have the freedom to include parts and project modifications in space knowing exactly the final result that we will have, changing the initial project and leaving it according to the needs of our customers.