NDT inspections;

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is a broad and interdisciplinary area that occupies a crucial position in society, as it is responsible for ensuring that structures and systems are safe to perform their functions, with standard or improved reliability and maximum cost efficiency.

Inspection and testing tests are designed and implemented by NDT technicians and engineers, in order to identify and define the condition of the materials being evaluated, and to find the failures that such structures may contain.

The importance of locating these failure conditions is justified when, if not identified, they could lead to catastrophic situations – such as the non-functioning of nuclear reactors, train derailments, pipeline explosions, etc.

Due to the nature of NDT testing, inspections do not damage or diminish the functionality of the materials examined. In other words, the absence of destruction in these processes increases the level of quality control of the objects tested, and decreases the cost effectiveness for the end user.