Dropped Object Inspection

The Drop Object Prevention System (DROPS) is an initiative that has been widely adopted by the industry, with the main purpose of providing a secondary prevention strategy for dropped objects. A thorough DROPS inspection not only saves lives, but also prevents damage to equipment and loss of production.

Dropped Objects continue to represent the majority of actual and potentially fatal incidents in the oil and gas industry. In fact, dropped objects (also known as dropped items and dropped material) are among the top 3 causes of death and serious injury in many industries. 

We have a rope-access inspection, which allows accessibility to the equipment,  height is not an obstacle to ensuring safety. Our inspectors have techniques to prevent objects, equipment, tools and materials from dropping, in addition to good practices for working at height, according to NR-35.

We also count on the performance of inspection engineering and equipment maintenance, including inspection for in-service inspections and scheduled tests with evaluation of the operational condition from monitored data, in accordance with national and international standards related to these.

What moves us is the belief that we not only inspect, but also solve the difficulties of our customers, because we work from inspection to correction. Today, we offer the complete solution.